Welcome to Goldcrest Wellness & Patient Advocacy! We can’t wait to help you achieve a more balanced life.

Holistic Patient Advocacy, Wellness Navigation, Self Sabotage and Mindfulness Coaching, Courses and Childbirth Services....We do it all! 

 Schedule of Rates

Patient Advocacy

Initial consultations are scheduled for 45 mins at a cost of $65. I A retainer is required for advocacy services, deductions to retainer are at an hourly rate of $125.

Services may include but are not limited to the following:

Care plan meetings with patient and or family and members of the health care team (ie: Doctors, Nurses, or other hospital personnel) with post meeting review

Review of medical documentation including labs, doctor’s notes, imaging, medical billing and insurance claims

General consultations via telephone or video conferencing

Email correspondence are billed at the hourly rate divided by time spent.

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Self Sabotage Coaching

Two 45 minute sessions. Includes initial customized questionnaire and review prior to first session. The questionnaire must be completely filled out and reviewed by coach prior to booking first appointment. $285

Continuing Coaching Sessions

These sessions are for clients seeking continued support in utilizing the newly acquired tools after the initial two 45 minute self sabotage coaching sessions. Coaching sessions are typically weekly or bi-monthly. 45mins $135

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Personal Wellness Navigation

 Whether its navigating a chronic condition such as Cassandra syndrome or an acute struggle such as rebalancing the gut after antibiotics or simply a desire to seek a better self.... Our one on one holistic wellness coaching sessions will help you find the answers! Explore dietary and lifestyle changes that best suite you as a unique individual. Typically, sessions are weekly or bi-weekly. 60min $135

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