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Offering personalized holistic wellness support for individuals navigating both acute and chronic illness as well as those who are looking to upgrade their quality of life by improving their overall health.

Holistic patient advocacy services for patients and their families who may be feeling lost, unheard and unsupported by the healthcare system.

Personal coaching for those seeking wellness, that could use a little extra support! 

Certified Doula services that offer a holistic approach to childbearing, includes both low-intervention approaches and the appropriate use of technology in a thoughtful and well-considered manner.

Online courses for both personal and professional growth, including Patient advocacy training for nurses, Mastering mindfulness, and overcoming self sabotage.


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A more balanced life

With online wellness support and guidance for healthy living, you can create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle.

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These popular individual classes are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join a full lifestyle program, or you are a medical professional seeking to enhance your model of care.

The Art of Mindfulness

This class offers an introduction to the art of mindfulness to enhance awareness and better manage your emotions. Enhance sleep, Manage weight, Lower stress levels, Improve memory and Enhance Relationships.


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Understanding Self Sabotage

This course offers an introduction to what self sabotage is and steps to take to re-program the subconscious for success!


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Introduction to Patient Advocacy Course

This 8-week introductory course is for caregivers who are seeking patient advocacy education to enhance their resume, build a private practice, pursue board certification or just gain a better understanding of how to advocate for others navigating the healthcare system 


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Hi! I’m Jennifer, Founder of Goldcrest Wellness. I am a Special needs Mom, Registered Nurse, Board Certified Patient Advocate and Holistic Wellness Navigator. I am Passionate about Empowering Others with Tools to take Control of Their Total Wellness.

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