Holistic Patient Advocacy

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Navigating a broken system

Our current “healthcare” system is huge, and often so confusing that it can make patients and their families give up on trying to get answers. People will often feel helpless and without a voice when it comes to developing a care plan for themselves or critically ill loved one.

Goldcrest Wellness & Patient Advocacy can act as a guide, to bridge the gap between wellness and healthcare.

From helping you understand a new diagnosis and treatment options, to advocating for your family member in the ICU, we’re here for you.

About Us


Our Board-Certified, Holistic Patient Advocate has over a decade of experience in the health care field. We strive, to serve clients and their families, to the very best of our abilities, whether it is to be a voice of advocacy, a support in processing and understanding diagnosis and treatment options, a navigator assisting in care planning or support in dealing with medical personnel.

Our Holistic Patient Advocacy services are for patients and their families who may be feeling lost, unheard and unsupported by the healthcare system. 

Are you or a loved one in the hospital?

Facing a new diagnosis or chronic illness?

Do you want to ensure access to the best care?

Do you want to make sure you're getting all the options regarding potential treatments?

Do you need support navigating your personal health goals?

These are just a few of the many benefits of having a Having a Holistic Patient Advocate by your side!

Support that is convenient and accessible

All your appointments can take place remotely. Whether it’s a one on one video consultation in the comfort of your own home, a telephone conference with your physician at the office or in the hospital setting, a family team meeting, or just have a quick question via email, we will meet your needs with the convenience and flexibility of the virtual tools available to you.

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"I couldn't have gotten through my hospitaliation without Jen, she advocated strongly for everything I needed, especially for the important things that I didn't even realize I needed, and she didn't just support me, she supported my family as well. There are major benefits to hiring an advocate who is also a nurse because they really understand how our healthcare system works."

-Mike C

Dina Porters