The Value of Having a Certified Doula at Your Birth

Mar 07, 2023


Pregnancy is a special time for a woman, and giving birth should be celebrated as the amazing accomplishment it is. To ensure that your experience is as positive as possible, it can be beneficial to have a certified doula present during labor and delivery. Let’s explore why having a doula can help you have better outcomes during childbirth.

What is a Doula?
A doula is an experienced professional who provides physical, emotional, and educational support to pregnant women throughout the birthing process. A certified doula has received specific training in childbirth education, labor support techniques, nutrition, breastfeeding, and postpartum care. Having someone by your side who knows how to navigate through the changeable circumstances of labor and delivery can provide invaluable reassurance for both mother and baby.

Doulas Support Birth Outcomes
Studies have shown that having a certified doula present during labor is associated with improved birth outcomes for both mothers and babies. Women who had doulas present were less likely to require Cesarean sections or other medical interventions than those without them; they also experienced shorter labors with fewer complications than their counterparts without doulas. Furthermore, babies delivered with the help of a doula had better Apgar scores—a measure of newborn health—than those born without one.

Benefits of Working With a Doula
Having a certified doula at your birth can reduce fear and anxiety in many ways. A supportive presence in the room allows you to focus on what matters most—your baby—and not worry about the details of delivery or the unexpected events that may occur during labor. Additionally, having an advocate who understands your preferences can be invaluable if decisions need to be made quickly or if something unexpected happens during delivery. This could include decisions about pain management or adjustments to your birth plan due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Having someone by your side who understands what you are going through can make all the difference when it comes to childbirth outcomes and experiences for both mother and baby alike. Research shows that working with a certified doula can lead to improved outcomes before, during, and after delivery; they offer physical comfort measures while educating mothers on their options throughout labor so they feel empowered throughout their birthing journey. Our Doula here at Goldcrest Wellness is not only certified, she is a Registered Nurse and Board-certified patient advocate! If you’re considering working with a doula during your pregnancy journey, contact us today! We would love to answer any questions you have about our services or what it’s like working with us!

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